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Newbie - Posted By blazikensnr (blazikensnr) on 22nd Oct 08 at 9:26am
Hi Blaziken Snr. here from PokéTown I thought I would come and see what you folks are doing on Pokemon World. I like your banner very much and the graphics on the Pokémon are excellent.

Re: Newbie - Posted By Bekki (admin) on 23rd Oct 08 at 8:40am
Thanks. I do try and enjoy your stay here as this will be better than what you see now.

Re: Newbie - Posted By AmberM (amberm) on 13th Apr 17 at 9:37am
I just want to make a callout for all of you people that still play the Pokemon TCG. I am trying to get a TCG club started so we can duel eachother and stuff and go to the league every Sunday perhaps getting ready for the next worlds (in Hawaii). So any of you that still play or want to play just for fun please message me or join the group "UCSD Pokemon TCG Team" or both. Thanks and I hope to see lots of members. Once I get a good and established group then we will worry about officers and meeting places.