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Main Forum Rules - Posted By Bekki (admin) on 16th Oct 08 at 1:45pm
These are the rules for Pokemon World.

Please be nice to one another.

These forums are open to all ages and since most of the censored I can not be certain that they all are.

SPAMing & Flaming

SPAM means Short Pointless Annoying Messages. If you have the need to SPAM there is a board for it. Flamming other members, as that is also not very nice. If you have a problem with members then please contact a staff member and not the member themselves.

Signature Rules

At this moment in time there is no sig rules apart from that don't make it to big width size as the whole board size is 800px width.

Becomming Staff

If I want a new staff member then I will ask for one. Please don't ask to become one as you will lose your chance of becomming one.

These rules can change and be updated at anytime.